Leica Rangemaster CRF 2400-R Laser Rangefinder

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Leica is excited to announce the Rangemaster CRF 2400-R - our most powerful simple angle compensation compact rangefinder ever - an amazing 2,400 yards. That's 50% farther than its predecessor!

  • The new CRF 2400-R offers a newly designed LED display for even better readability of scanned distances. The new LED display adjusts itself automatically to the ambient light to aid precise readability.
  • Another remarkable feature is the extremely fast scan mode, which takes measurements every 0.5 seconds.
  • Up to a measuring distance of 200 yards (182 meters), the unit displays the results in decimal figures (to 0.1y), enabling even more precise distance measurement for archers.
  • The CRF 2400-R determines the equivalent horizontal range (EHR) up to a distance of 1,200 yards (1,097 meters) when required. With this feature, the unit provides the practical angle-compensated distance, which is essential for an accurate long-distance shot.
  • Thanks to its compact design it fits easily into any pocket – weighing just 6.5 ounces and is waterproof to 1m.
  • The outstanding optics with a 7x magnification ensure the best image brightness and a wide field of view.