Watch Repair and Restoration

Anyone in North America who is in need of repair or restoration of a watch could do no better than choose the services provided by FLÂNEUR. We are one of only a few comanies who specialize in servicing high-end luxury and complicated timepieces. FLANEUR's experience in creating and servicing fine mechanical timepieces means there is no better overall solution.

Our staff of watchmakers have completed top training in all aspects of horology. Wide international experience and proven dedication ensures the work is completed properly.

Our extensive range of equipment ensures that FLÂNEUR is able to perform services none of our competitors can match. FLÂNEUR is focused not only on fine products and customer service, but on ensuring that your watch is given the attention and respect it deserves. 

If you are seeking repair of a single mechanical watch, or a collection of fine timepieces, please contact FLÂNEUR ( to discuss what services we might have the pleasure to provide.

We can get parts for many brands including many big names, and of course, we specialize in antique and vintage watches.

FLÂNEUR Watch Repair Information

As enthusiasts and collectors of high quality watches, we believe in high quality service. All watches in for a complete service are disassembled, inspected for worn or damaged parts, cleaned, lubricated, and timed using state of the art equipment. We also refinish the case and bracelet when possible.
Dial Refinishing:
Refinishing most dials costs between $175 and $395. With most watches we do not recommend this option as it can affect the value of your watch.

Complete service for mechanical watches

Modern watches average between $450 and $750.
Vintage watches average between $495 and $1500.
High-grade watches average between $600 and $900.

Complicated watches $1000 and up.
For minor repairs there is a $79 minimum labor charge

Note - Final price may vary depending on many factors such as movement functions, damage, parts needed, and parts that might need to be made.  

Our turnaround time is usually 6 weeks, which can vary depending on current work load and parts availability. Vintage and antique watches may take longer. 

All watches that we service carry a one year warranty on work performed. Parts subject to normal wear such as crystals, straps, etc. are not covered under warranty, neither is damage as a result of abuse or accident. 

Plastic / Sapphire Crystals:
Due to the construction of the case, most watches that originally came with plastic crystals cannot be retro-fitted with modern sapphire crystals. 

Watch Parts:
We have many sources for parts, which helps us to often locate those hard-to-find materials for older watches. However, it can take time, so patience is appreciated. We can also fabricate parts if needed. However, we are not a material supplier, therefore we do not sell parts to the public. 

Water Resistance:
We do not recommend taking any vintage watch near water. For modern watches that are water resistant in design, we use testing equipment to ensure reliability. We recommend having the water resistance of your watch checked once a year if you use it for swimming or diving. We cannot guarantee water resistance on vintage watches, watches that are not water resistant by design, or watches that are not checked yearly. 

All repair estimates are completed free of charge. If an estimate is declined, the owner's only expense is the return shipping, handling and insurance fees. Excluding watches of unusually high value, these fees total $36.00 for shipping, insurance, and packaging within the USA. 
We would suggest shipping your watch by a traceable, insured method, (USPS or FedEx), signature required.  For security purposes do not mention anything relating to watches on the address label. Please do not send original packaging (box) with your watch.  The address should read as follows: 

800 E 6th  Ave
Suite 201
Denver, CO 80218 USA

Attn: Service

Phone: 303-859-7664

For questions, please feel free to contact the service department at  

All customers outside the United States please contact us before shipping.