Everest Curved End Rubber Strap Series for Tudor Heritage Models

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  • Precision fit to your Tudor model - made by our Swiss manufacturer 

  • Express yourself with three custom colors

  • UV, Dust, Water and Chemical resistant. Made of the highest quality rubber in the world

  • Strap Length - 80mm x 120mm (Standard)

  • Incredibly comfortable, durable and supple vulcanized Swiss rubber

  • Unique groove system inside of it to allow for water and air to escape - unlike any other strap out 

  • Holes have a custom design, so they do not tear - longest longevity of a strap 

  • Fits the Tudor Black Bay, Black Bay 41, Black Bay Chrono, Black Bay GMT, Black Bay S&G & Heritage Chrono

  • Items included: a Custom Curved End Rubber strap, 2 Tudor style spring bars and a custom buckle. Watch not included

  • MSRP: $230.00