What kind of watch collector are you?

What kind of collector are you?

First, by collector, I mean someone who owns at least two watches. But we all know that not all watch collectors are the same. One trip to your local Red Bar or watch gathering can tell you as much. Knowing what you typically seek in a watch can help you navigate the watch world to find your next piece, and even find other collectors like you. So, I’d like to ask you all: what kind of collector are you?

Practical Collector

The practical collector collects watches that have a specific purpose, and their collection fits seamlessly into their life. A practical collector may have one watch for daily wear, one for formal occasions, and another for weekends. 

If the practical collector were an investor, they would invest in index funds like the Vanguard: Something straightforward and purposeful.

Example: @handwound

Achieving Collector

The achieving collector has specific goals and strategies in mind with their collection. They typically specialize in a specific brand, model, or complication. And when they land on a specialization, they will hunt until the end of time to find the absolutely perfect pieces to complete their collection. When an achieving collector adds a watch to their collection they typically look for the best examples they can find from important years, such as the first year the watch was made or the last year of a particular movement.

If the achieving collector were an investor they’d probably have a self-managed portfolio that they constantly researched and tweaked. If they were really extreme, they’d have a Bloomberg terminal installed in their house.

Example: @morgan0714

Emotional Collector 

Emotional collectors are drawn to watches that move them emotionally. They collect birth year watches, graduation watches, etc.. They collect watches because they like the design or the story. A watch doesn’t have to serve a purpose or check a box; it just has to appeal to them.

If the emotional collector were an investor, they would invest in stocks or businesses that they feel emotional about. They may love a company’s story or product and choose to invest in it for that reason, rather than for the potential return.

Example: @altonbrown

Speculative Collector 

Speculative collectors seem to have more passion about the potential financial gain than for the watches themselves. They are the ones buying the latest watches and turning around and selling them for a profit. They have their name on every waiting list they can get on. They negotiate discounts on models they don’t want so that they can buy enough to get credit with authorized dealers to buy the desirable pieces. They take the most risks out of all the collectors because they collect for the financial gain rather than the joy of the search or the enjoyment of the watches themselves.

If the speculative collector were an investor, they would be the ones investing in hyped up IPOs hoping to get a huge return on their investment.

Example: Any gentleman dealer

Tell Flaneur: Which Watch Collector Are You?

Now that you know what your collecting type is, tell us your results! If you don’t think your collecting type is on here, tell us that too. No matter your reasons for collecting watches, Flaneur wants to help you find the watch of your dreams (or help sell a watch to get you closer to those dreams).