The best way to spend your money is on a nice watch

A watch is a friend that joins you in your adventures.

A watch is a friend that joins you in your adventures.

I might be biased, but I think that dollar for dollar, smile for smile, the most rewarding way to spend your money is on a watch.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Of course Steve, the guy that sells watches, is trying to get us to buy something from him.

That’s not my intention. I don’t care where you you buy one from.

I bought my first nice watch after I had received my yearly bonus check from my job as a roof salesman. At the time all my coworkers were buying snowmobiles and vacations with their checks. I chose a brand new Rolex GMT Master II with the blue/black ceramic bezel.

I wore that watch everyday for three years before I sold it to fund another watch purchase and I feel like I got the best value out of it. Everyday, when I left for work, I didn’t have to walk by my watch parked in the garage or lament that I couldn’t use it because of the weather. I never didn’t have time for it. Instead, my watch was my trusty companion day in and day out on all of my adventures.

I used it everyday whether that was checking the time, making sure I was writing the correct date on a contract, tracking loved ones in different timezones, practicing my photography, or just appreciating the beauty of it. I know that I got more enjoyment out of my watch than my coworkers received from their snowmobiles.

I don’t think it matters which watch you get, so much as you wear it and enjoy it. Whether its a Timex or a Patek, you should never be without a good watch.