I Just Got a New Daytona/GMT/Submariner/Aquanaut/Nautilus/Royal Oak. What's the Best Way to Sell It?

If you are one of the ones lucky enough to get the special call from your Rolex, Patek, or Audemars authorized dealer that your Daytona/GMT/Submariner/Aquanaut/Nautilus/Royal Oak has come in, you’re probably considering selling it as soon as you have it.

Selling one of those watches is an easy decision for many collectors because these watches are currently selling for close to twice their retail price, if not more on the secondary market.

The tough decision, is where do you sell it. Do you try and sell it yourself? Do you sell it to a dealer? Do you consign it?

If you sell it yourself, you don’t have to share any of the profit, but you probably won’t be able to charge as much as the dealers because you don’t have a brand or reputation like they do.

If you sell it to a dealer they’ll probably offer you less than the standard 65% of the market price due to “volatility” or “surplus inventory”. This effectively turns your projected windfall into just a couple grand.

You could consign the watch, but beware of dealers with high consignment fees and language in their contracts enabling them to hold on to your money for another month after the watch sells.

Your best bet for selling your new Daytona/GMT/Submariner/Aquanaut/Nautilus/Royal Oak is FLÂNEUR. We’ll pay you more cash for in-demand watches because we know that we can sell them FAST and if you choose to consign it, we’ll only charge 8% (the lowest rate in the industry) and pay you as soon as the watch sells.

If you have a watch you’re looking to sell, contact me at steve@flaneurwatches.com