FLÂNEUR: A better way to sell your watch

Before we get into details about how FLÂNEUR is a better way to sell your watch, I’d like to talk about why the company is called FLÂNEUR.

A flâneur is a stroller or passionate wanderer. Someone that keeps moving but takes in and appreciates the beauty and the details of the world around him. This is how is see watch collecting at its best.

I believe that watch collecting is ultimately a long journey from one watch to another and to another. The collector’s tastes, interests, and budget changes over time, but one thing doesn’t change and that is his appreciation for the timepieces.

I created FLÂNEUR to make it possible for collectors to wander from one watch to the next as easy as it is to go from one coffee shop to another.

One of the biggest lies in the watch world is how “liquid’ watches are, or how easy it is to trade watches for cash. If you’ve ever tried to sell a watch as a private collector, you know just how frustrating it can be. Where to list it? How to price it? How to avoid scams? How to ship the watch? There’s so many factors to consider. The other option is selling the watch to a dealer, which is certainly convenient, but you pay dearly for that convenience. Owners can expect about 60% of their watches value if they sell to a dealer. A third option is consignment, but traditionally, dealers take 20-25% of the sale price and you don’t get paid for the watch until it sells, which can take months.

After going through these routes to sell watches, and being generally disappointed with all experiences, I set out to create a better sales experience for collectors.

I ended up finding the perfect answer for collectors is to offer a straightforward consignment with low fees.

FLÂNEUR specializes in consignment sales and unlike traditional consignment we sell watches FAST. Because our focus is on consignment, there’s no preference to which watch is sold. A sale is a sale. Another advantage is that because we specialize in consignment, our inventory is huge, making us the go-to watch shop. The final advantage is that we’re not greedy. We charge a 10% consignment fee which we cap at $700 because it doesn’t cost any more to sell a $20k watch than it does a $2k watch.

I’ve found that with this system, we’re able to actually get collectors top dollar for their watch in significantly less time than it takes other dealers to sell consignment watches.

If you have a watch that you’re looking to sell, email us here steve@flaneurwatches.com.