Everything You Need to Know About Professional Luxury Watch Buyers

You’ve decided to sell your watch or watches and you’re trying to find the best place to sell. What about a professional luxury watch buyer?

Who Are Luxury Watch Buyers?

 Luxury watch buyers are women and men that buy watches to resell, either to collectors or dealers. They purchase more watches than a collector and Typically a watch buyer specializes in a specific brand, model, or some other category. Luxury watch buyers have a large budget and immediate access to it in order to promptly pay sellers whether it’s a single watch or an entire collection.

What Do Luxury Watch Buyers Do?

It might seem obvious, but luxury watch buyers are in the business of buying watches. They may have a network of collectors that they are looking to find specific watches for, a network of dealers & shops that sell watches, or maybe they just have a passion for finding fresh to market watches.

In addition to buying watches, buyers sell watches as well. They do this in order to get the watches into the hands and onto the wrists of appreciative collectors, and to maintain their cash flow so that they can continue to buy more watches.

Where Do I Find a Luxury Watch Buyer?

FLÂNEUR is a luxury watch buyer who will pay you top dollar for your watch. We pay with cash, check, or wire the same day we receive the watch. We are able to pay you more for your watch than other buyers because we sell direct to our network of collectors meaning that we are not selling watches to dealers or shops that will mark up the watches again. If you have a watch for sale, please contact me at steve@flaneurwatches.com.